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The Upendo House

 In November 2010 our new home was finished!


For the first few years we have rented a house and when we started, over three years ago in January 2007 the house was big enough. In 2009 there were over 25 children living in Upendo and with only three bedrooms the house was getting to small. So we decided to build a new house, a bigger and better house, which can accomodate all children, looking out for their health and wellbeing. We were helped by a great team of Dutch men who volunteerd to build our house. We only payed the costs of the byuilding materials and the local workers. Bernard Kibunja donated the land.




Guus Habets, a Dutch doctor and two architects from the INEX Architecten in Maastricht (the Netherlands),  a building expert W.Crousen and a whole team of other dedicated constructors and technical people like Vincent, Con, Sjef, Nick and Pieter helped us realize our dream. Jackson,Tessa and Bernard draw the house they wanted and Tessa took these plans to INEX Architecten in Maastricht. Guus, The architects draw a beautifull design of the new house. In February 2009 Guus Willy and Tessa went to Kenya to see which materials are already in Kenya and which have to be brought from the Netherlands. In August 2009 we have started with a part of the whole team of Dutch workers in coorporation with Kenyan workers and started the contruction!



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