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Sponsor a child or make a donation!

To keep the orphanage up and running, money is essential. This money we get from wellwishers and volunteers (see volunteers). Wellwishers are people like yourselves, who donate money to Upendo Children's Centre, sometimes even a monthly contribution. This money from volunteers and wellwishers we use for all daily expences. It pays for the house rent, schoolfees, food, salaries of our staff in Kenya and other things like clothes, schooluniforms, medicine, a monthly outing or any other item you an imagine that is needed in a house with lots of children!


Sponsor a child

At this moment there are over 35 children living in UCC. Most of the children go to primary school, which is paid by the Kenyan governement. When children reach the age of 14-16 (depending on how many years they went to school) they go to boardingschool, which is not free of charge.

Boardingschool costs a lot of money, money we have to start saving for when the child is still small. We want all of our children to be educated because they are the future, and education is the future too! So you can make a difference in helping us to give these children a chance to a beautifull educated future.

How does it work?

Under the tab 'children' you an see most of the children from Upendo. You can choose a child that attracts your attention, aren't they cute! Ypu can also email us and we can inform you about the other children. Your name will appear next to the child as sponsor. This way you and others can see which children are still looking for a sponsor.

Your donation is personal, you can sponsor any amount you like. In your donation name the childs name. When you sponsor a child you will receive an update about the child. You can also send letters to Kenya, to the child, they love to receive mail!


  • Donate a one-time amount directly(including name of the child) to:
    NL 13 ABNA 0596 3475 96
    Stichting Upendo Children's Centre in Maastricht

Thank you already! 

Donating to the Centre

In the Netherlands we are registerd with the Chamber of commerce, and also in Kenya we are registrated. We have a bankaccount in the Netherlands, where all donations come together. From the Netherlands it is transferred to our Kenyan account to cover all monthly expenses. Furtermore we try to save money to fullfill to provide a further education for all the children.

Stichting Upendo Children's Centre is a registered non-profit organization in the Netherlands (ANBI instelling), so donations are tax-deductible within the Dutch tax system.

  • Donate a one-time amount directly to:
    NL 13 ABNA 0596 3475 96
    Stichting Upendo Children's Centre in Maastricht
  • Paypal: