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Volunteer at Upendo

We can always use the help of an enthousiastic volunteer in Kenya. Below you can see what we expect from a volunteer. You can also read some blogs of former volunteers.

What we need from you:

  • A stay with the centre for a few weeks or a few months.
  • A contribution of €150,- (accomodation in Upendo ) per week for accomodation and food and to fund the centre. (for accomodation see; 'what we offer'*)
  • Knowledge of the English language.
  • Experience in working with children is preferred.
  • But most importantely, a heart for children


What you will or can do


  • Play with the children in and outside of the house.
  • Help in Upendo and the community (school, hospital)
  • Read a bedtime story before they go to sleep.
  • Assist the housemothers in their daily activities.
  • Assist in teaching at the school of the children of Upendo.
  • Help the children with their homework.
  • Help in the Upendo garden.
  • Assist with small payment contributions for miscellaneous daily needs such as extra fruit, cloths for the kids, food parcels for the slums, etc (not necessesary!)
  • And generally help our wherever you can, in the centre and the community.


What we offer to you

  • You can have your meals at the home, provided by Upendo.
  • You will sleep in the Upendo house in one of the two volunteerrooms with their own shower and toilet
  • You will learn about the African lifestyle, cooking, the Swahili language, and more
  • You can assist in the school or one of the hospitals
  • You can visit slums, the HIV centre and family of the Upendo children
  • You can help the streetchildren with foodparcels and games
  • You can visit other homes and centres
  • We can help you arrange trips or safaris
  • A great experience!


Guidelines for Volunteers


  • No smoking in the house and no smoking around our children.
  • To use and possession of any drugs is strictly prohibited in Kenya and therefore also on the UCC-premises.
  • Be moderate with the use of alcohol, as it sets a bad example for our children and might bring back bad memories. The use of alcohol in UCC-premises is only allowed after consolation with the board.
  • Assist the housemother(s) and our children in all daily chores and activities.
  • Try to keep quiet in the evening and at night when the children are sleeping when you are in Upendo.
  • Inform the housemother(s) in time if you don't eat supper at Upendo.
  • Switch of the lights when you are the last to leave the room. The only exception is the light in the corridor, so that the children are not afraid to use the toilet after dark.
  • Try to limit the number of showers a day to one, whit regard to the electricity bill.
  • You can go on safari or trips whenever you like but always inform the Upendo staff.
  • Be careful with spending your (sponsor) money or with giving away goods. Some people that ask for (financial) support might not really need it and take advantage.
  • When spending money or giving away goods, it's best to work through organizations and projects known by UCC such as , food parcels for various slums, 'welfare for street children', and last but not least UCC itself. You can assist UCC in buying clothing, shoes, toys and other utilities for the children and UCC. You can also take the children on trips or outings. We would be very grateful.
  • Try to take advice and listen to the housemother(s) and the board members.
  • If you go out after dark, always console with the manager or the housemothers
  • If you invite people to UCC-premises, always console with the board first.


Does this sound exactly like the volunteer job of your dreams? Please write a letter or send an email including your CV to:

Upendo Children's Centre

t.a.v. Tessa Janssen 

Burg. Geuljanslaan 23, 6041 NA ROERMOND, The Netherlands 


Devon Beunen

Cindy Ruiter

Aida van Doesburg en Lisette  

Janneke Verhagen      

Susanne Lub             

Eva van Noort           

Wies Frijters

Sabine Baer

Tessa Tebbenhof

Dorien Hanneman

Maxime en Roxy           

Dionne Klein                 

Yanthe Nobel                 

Janneke Verhagen        

Mara Kats                      

Joyca pelikaan              

Roos en Lieke                

Laura Meis                      

Cindy Prop                     

Hanna en Miranda         

Monique en Jack            

Melissa en Fleur             

Ineke Felen                     

Siobhan Spruijt              

Lindy Burgman

Nienke van Veghel

Saskia Gooren

Lisenka Hubers              

Charlotte Drop               

Lonneke Staargaard      

Monique en Manon        

Floortje Horens              

Janneke Moelands         

Anne Bremer                  

Anne Klein                       


Pictures of our Volunteers